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Every adolescent travels to Mumbai to audition for various casting directors and production companies. Young people are often concerned about how and when they will find work in Bollywood. Youth must be patient as the process of auditioning and being chosen for a specific role takes time. Let us look at the difficulties and struggles that a young person faces before moving to Mumbai and why those young people are unable to relocate to Mumbai for auditions.


·         Due to the pandemic that has affected almost the entire world, many casting directors and production houses prefer to cast actors and conduct auditions online. As a result, youths were expected to stay in their respective homes and prepare for their outstanding performance.

·          If any young person succeeds in the online auditions, the casting directors will contact them so that they can proceed with the agreement and other selection procedures.

·         Youths must submit various types of acting videos for various projects if they want to get work easily.

·         If a young person is unable to relocate to Mumbai due to financial constraints, aspiring actors are encouraged to submit audition videos online.


We've heard stories about aspiring actors moving to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. Amit Antil, the actor, is an exception. Even though he frequently travels to Mumbai for projects, he insists that his hometown of Murthal in Haryana will always be his home base. He claims, "I don't want to live in Mumbai to pursue my acting career; I can do so in my hometown of Haryana. I have the impression that the Mumbai way of life is not for me. He claims, "I don't want to live in Mumbai to pursue my acting career; I can do so in my hometown of Haryana. Mumbai's way of life appeals to me.

I don't want the rush, living alone, or anything else about this city. It's not something I'm used to. Back home, we spend time near our farms. I don't want to miss out on living with my family and neighbors by moving to the city. I frequently travel to Mumbai or any other city where I am required to shoot. I return home after I finish shooting for my project. Plus, I've never done a long-running TV show where I had to stay for months at a time."

But, given that the industry is based in Mumbai, how does this affect his work? "It hasn't affected my work so far, and whenever I'm asked for an audition, I send my videos from home, which is how I've gotten every project so far."


Amit has previously worked on shows such as Savdhaan India: India Fights Back and Kalash... Ek Vishwaas, and he has now decided to branch out into other mediums. He explains, "I'm only interested in movies and web shows because I enjoy them. Cinema is not the same as television. I dislike the monotonous way of working that is prevalent on television. So I've decided to only participate in web shows and films from now on."

When asked about the moment he decided to pursue acting, he says, "It was difficult to persuade my parents and relatives. In 2008, I relocated to Delhi and began performing in the theatre there. For the longest time, my family told me that I was wasting my time and that I should be doing something else or working on our farms, which our family has been doing for generations. But, in the last two years, I've started getting some good web platform projects, which have earned me some recognition. My family now understands what I'm doing and is fine with it."

The success of aspiring actors in getting jobs is determined by their performance in auditions. The number of auditions does not matter; what matters is the quality of the aspirant actors performing in front of the casting directors. As a result, moving to Mumbai is not required for aspiring actors to give online auditions, as they can do so easily and effectively online.



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 Blog Writer- Ms Nandita Dhar