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The performance of aspiring actors in auditions determines their success in landing jobs. What matters is the quality of the aspirant actors performing in front of the casting directors, not the number of auditions. As a result, aspiring actors do not need to relocate to Mumbai to give online auditions, as they can do so easily and effectively online.

·         Constrained fees:-Although many young people to come from middle-class families, convincing their parents to leave their studies or a government job/9-5 job to pursue their dream career in acting can be difficult. Even if they come to Mumbai for offline auditions, they must spend nearly lakhs on accommodation and extras on food, which does not occur when attending online courses. They can stay in their respective homes and pursue their dream of becoming actors by taking an online acting course at a low cost. This greatly benefits a huge benefit for the youth because it saves them a lot of money, and their parents also support them in taking this big step toward an acting career.


·         No relocation: To attend offline courses, our youth must relocate to Mumbai or other locations, and then they must consider relocation, which requires them to leave their comfort zones, studies, or jobs, and thus parents are not convinced. The online acting course is a significant benefit that encourages youth to stay in their respective locations and attend online classes without interfering with their jobs or studies by scheduling classes according to their preferences.


·         No spare cash: If a different peer decides to relocate to Mumbai or elsewhere, he or she must spend extra money on boarding and lodging, train fare, and so on. It equates to the fund that is supposed to be used to pay for the offline acting course fees. Saving money on train fare/boarding or lodging is a benefit of taking an online acting course.


·          No choosing to leave studies/jobs: To pursue a dream career in acting, young people leave their jobs and relocate to different locations. Even after relocating, they look for new jobs to support their families, which makes attending offline courses difficult. It also takes time for a newcomer to find a new job, and if they do, they will have to work from 9 to 5, leaving little time to invest in their acting career. Online acting classes allow students to work while remaining at home, and they can also learn while doing so.


·         Digital auditions: If a young person is unable to relocate to Mumbai or another location, he or she can give their auditions online. Yes, doesn't it sound ideal? Many parents are concerned about sending their daughters to different locations for auditions or training, but if they have the opportunity to give their auditions online, their parents can also support them and then evaluate their performance and growth. When the pandemic struck, online auditions became increasingly popular. As a result, the film industry took a risk by organizing online auditions.


·         The importance of memorization: If a young person attends offline acting classes, he or she may fail to understand the given training because the abilities of various peers differ in understanding various topics at the same time. Peers in online acting classes can download or watch the same session multiple times, which is not possible in offline acting classes.


·         Comfortable Sharing: When various youths attend offline acting classes and also give auditions, it takes a long time for them to receive feedback from casting directors. They believe they do not provide adequate support. However, through online acting classes, they receive feedback on their auditions or performances within a very short period. In fact, by fully supporting them, online trainers assist them in developing their self-confidence and growth.


Belatedly, to instill confidence in each peer, share the struggle and success story of a well-known Bollywood actor, Vicky Kaushal. Vicky was a college student who decided to go to an interview for an IT job while dressed nicely, but he was certain that he would never be able to choose that profession. So, even after receiving an offer letter for a 9-5 job, he tore it in the middle, returned home, and declared his desire to become an actor. In fact, out of fear of nepotism, he concealed the fact that his father was an action director. Without any further latency, he went out of his home for giving auditions and after getting into 100 auditions, finally he got selected for his first debut film, "Masaan". And now he is a well-known Bollywood superstar who has appeared in numerous successful films.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal," he says in his inspirational story. Winston S. Churchill said, "It is the courage to continue that count."



The good news is that you can hone your skills without spending a fortune on acting classes. You can now attend seasoned, award-winning acting classes from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the proliferation of online acting courses in recent years. Furthermore, The Struggler offers online acting classes for beginners. We are fortunate to have a team of outstanding employees who work closely with businesses and are committed to assisting our students in succeeding and finding employment. They assist our students in developing the confidence and skills required to believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

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Blog Writer- Ms Nandita Dhar