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Every young person travels to Mumbai to audition for various casting directors and production houses. Youths are often concerned about how and when they will find work in Bollywood. Youths must be patient because the process of auditioning and being chosen for a specific role takes time. In the field of modeling, the same procedure applies. Let's take a look at how to become a model.

Commercial modeling and fashion modeling are the two types of modeling.

·         Commercial modeling entails: Commercial modeling is a type of modeling that focuses on assisting a company in marketing, selling, or branding a product or service. It is possible to do this for print ads, commercials, and other forms of advertising. It varies depending on the brand, but it is generally indicative of a more approachable and realistic appearance.


·         Fashion modeling-: Fashion modeling has much stricter requirements than commercial modeling, making it more difficult to break into. Models typically walk the runways for high-end fashion houses. This is more artistic and creative than commercial modeling. It is pricey, aspirational, and luxurious. Kendal Jenner, Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and others are among the fashion models.



If you are just starting as a model in India, you should consider joining a modeling agency. Finding the right agency and sharing your images with them is a time-consuming process for a beginner. Different agencies have different submission processes, and you may not be aware of all the techniques that best represent your work.


Online submission is the most common and convenient way to share your images with an agency. That being said, there are four ways to submit photos to an Indian modeling agency.

·         Email: You can email them your most recent images as per the agency's requirements, along with your profile.

·         Website submission: Some agencies accept website submission, which requires you to fill out an online form and upload your images.

·          Social media: You can try approaching on social media platforms, but most reputable agencies do not prefer this. This usually occurs after you have shared your images on the internet.

·         In-person: To share your images, you can attend a casting audition or schedule a personal interview. This usually occurs after you have shared your images on the internet.

You may be aware that the majority of applications receive no response ( except an auto acknowledgment email ). In most cases, this is not due to a lack of talent. If the application does not meet their criteria, agencies usually do not respond. No one has the time to reach out to each talent individually and explain why their application was rejected.



Before submitting your photos to modeling agencies, you should first do some preliminary research. It is critical to have a vision for the type of work you want to do, and it should be compatible with your personality. As a result, look for agencies that represent the type of model you want to be.


  1. If you're just starting as a model in India, I've written a comprehensive guide on how to become a freelance model in India. Please read this article for a better understanding; it will be especially helpful if you have no prior modeling experience.
  2. You do not have to hire a professional photographer to create your portfolio for submission. When you first start, you have two options for building your portfolio.

       3. Shoot your images - If you don't have the budget to create a portfolio, you can shoot some basic images that agencies look for. A clean headshot, a mid-length shot, and a full-length shot should be included in your portfolio. The shot requirements differ depending on the agency for which you are applying.

      4. Collaborate with a professional photographer - To create your portfolio, you can always collaborate with a professional photographer. Find a photographer with portfolio creation experience and understand what agencies are looking for.




Polaroids are typically requested by most agencies. These photos were taken in a natural setting with no makeup. A professionally shot portfolio without polaroids will almost certainly be rejected. To shoot your polaroid, follow these simple guidelines.


  • Do not wear any makeup
  • Put your hair up, or pull it back into a ponytail so that your jawline and cheekbones are visible
  • Wear a solid-color vest (preferably black). The images need to show your shape and skin in its most natural way
  • Do not retouch the photos in any way. Pimples and blemishes are fine. 
  • Try and avoid flash photography (turn the flash off on your camera).



Remember that modeling agencies receive hundreds of applications each day and will only select a few for further consideration. Don't miss out on an opportunity because your application was inadequate. Pay attention to every detail of the process and present yourself as a professional. The success of aspiring actors in getting jobs is determined by their performance in auditions. The number of auditions is unimportant; what matters is the caliber of the aspiring actors who perform in front of the casting directors. As a result, moving to Mumbai is not required for aspiring actors to give online auditions, as they can do so easily and effectively online.



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Blog Writer- Ms Nandita Dhar