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How to give auditions for getting lead roles in Bollywood?



Every youth who aspires to become an actor dreams to play the role of a lead actor. But the newcomers in every film industry get roles only for junior artists. Let’s have an outlook on how our peers can become lead heroes in Bollywood.

·         If any youth has good looks then he/she can able to give audition for lead roles as good looks highly matter for lead roles.

·         Not having enough good looks but having much more knowledge and talent for acting also ensures the youths of giving auditions for lead roles.

·         For becoming a lead role, youth must visit the production houses, producers, and directors.

·         Auditions for lead roles take place in Aram Nagar and Andheri in Mumbai where youths must visit their production houses and give their respective auditions.

Auditions take place everywhere in Mumbai but most of the auditions get held in Mhada and Aram Nagar. Going forward let’s have an outlook on the place of Mhada and how many casting directors and agencies are located in this area. Mhada is a very popular locality which is located near Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is well-known for the casting directors and its agencies.


·         Shaktiman Institute of Training

·         Mukesh Chhabra Institute of Training

·         Roshan Taneja Acting School

·         PSJ Media Vision

·         Studio 9

·         Parichay Theatre Films and Television Institute




Every youth must visit the casting directors during the evening as at that moment they can easily connect with their peers. During the morning to noon timing, the assistants of all the casting directors take the auditions of every youth so it is highly recommendable to connect with the casting directors personally during the evening. 


For sending the portfolios of youths, one can email at-:





·         Youths who are interested to join acting institutes in Mumbai must stay which offers to have reasonable hotels and PGs. One can easily give their auditions in Andheri West where all the auditions take place. Youths can find their own rented houses or PGs in Versova which is very near Aram Nagar, Andheri West. Each shoot related to ADs of commercial products is done in Mhada. AD’s studio and offices are located here which is beneficial for every youth to carry forward with their auditions.




Every youth urges to move to Mumbai and perform their skills and talents in front of the casting directors. Youths give their auditions in front of many production houses and casting directors but very few of them and the deserving ones get selected for various roles in the films. Let’s have an outlook on how the youths can crack the Bollywood auditions for getting work in Bollywood films.

·         Sending profile to the casting directors is mandatory for all the youths. Every youth must click a decent amount of their photographs without editing them and send them to the casting directors. The selection of youths is also incomplete without their monologues.

·         Youths must introduce themselves in a very proper way and they need to approach the casting directors.

·         Youths must ask smart and crisp questions about the character they will be auditioning for. This way the casting director will find out the way that the aspiring actors are quite serious about their profession.

·         Youths must learn their lines before the auditions thoroughly as it helps the casting director to get impressed. Before delivering every dialect in front of the casting director, youths must be verbally prepared for it.

·         Youths must be respectful towards the casting director and other crew members of the production house. There must be a breach of boundaries between the casting director and the aspiring actors.

·         Aspiring actors must use their accounts smartly as whenever the casting directors see the youth profile, he/she automatically gets selected. Social media accounts help them to do their research and thereafter the casting director sends their teams to audition those youths.

·         Aspiring actors should not message the casting directors incessantly as the youths think that if they keep buttering the casting directors, they will land the role someday. Those greeting card days are gone.



For giving any audition or playing a role in any TV serial or movie in Mumbai, every youth must know how to learn the scripts and monologues given to them by the casting directors. Apart from learning the scripts, every youth also can improvise their way of delivering the scripts. Let’s have an outlook on how youths can learn and practice with their scripts and monologues.


·         Every youth read any script or monologue more than 5-10 times as it will help them to understand its meaning and once they repeatedly go through the monologue, they will be able to deliver in front of the casting directors without any hesitation.

·         Every youth must highlight the lines and once they are done doing that, they must also go through the scripts again and highlight their character’s lines.

·         Practicing the scripts or monologues loudly helps to learn that in faster way.

·         The step-by-step memorization forces every youth to remember the transitions, which were where good acting takes place.

·         Stay calm and keeping a positive attitude towards the performance of every youth also helps them to nail their memorization skills.


Many peers who cannot go directly to New Delhi or Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. With the Struggler platform, many aspiring actors can improve their acting skills with known actors, casting directors, and producers. The Struggler offers two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through online acting courses, any aspiring actor can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and gets feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors which leads them to prepare themselves much more efficiently and helps them to polish their talents in a new way.


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 Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar