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How to join AAFT Acting school?




   AAFT also named the Asian Academy of Film and Television is a great platform that encouraged the youth to educate themselves in media and arts for the past 30 years. AAFT Acting School provides various professional courses, including Cinema, Journalism and Mass Communication, Hospitality and Tourism, and Events and Tourism. AAFT Acting School ranks 10th in its world ranking. AAFT Acting School has over 250 faculties who work precisely for the benefit of their peer. Among all the countries over 120 students have enrolled in this institute. AAFT Acting School has over 19,000 alumni on networks and every year more than 1000 celebrities live to interact with the youth. The Board of Directors in AAFT Acting School includes renowned director MR. Boney Kapoor, popular and versatile actor MR. Anil Kapoor and popular actress MRS. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja.





The peer who is interested in seeking admission to AAFT is mandatory to sit for the AAFT Global Entrance Exams which will consist of an aptitude test and a personal interview either online or offline mode. The applicants can send their programs directly in online mode.





  • Undergraduate programs-: 3-4 years
  • Post-graduation programs-: 2 years
  • Diploma UG/PG-: 1 year
  • Short Term Courses (Certification)-: 3-6 months




  • Undergraduate programs- Approximately around 2 Lakhs
  • Post-graduation programs- Approximately around 2 Lakhs
  • Diploma UG/PG- Approximately around 1 Lakhs
  • Certification courses- Approximately RS 50,000




Any peer who wants to join AAFT Acting School can contact them with the following information-:

  • Mobile number-09811014536/ 09811013654

·         Email ID- 




·         Engage in school-level activities-: Youth must start their endeavors by participating in school theatre and film-making activities. This helps the youths to get prepared for the future auditions they will have to give in front of the casting directors.

·         Pursue formal education in acting-: Youths must join acting colleges like The National School of Drama to learn acting so that they can improvise their acting skills and ace their performance in acting. Courses that youths can pursue in acting include a Bachelor of Arts in Acting, a Diploma in Acting, etc.

·         Find small roles and work as an extra-: When aspiring actors start their career in acting, they must take up small roles in commercials, short films, and feature films. These small opportunities will lead the aspiring actors to collectively build their confidence and experience in acting and also these small acting assignments will help them to provide them a source of income to sustain their practice till they get established.

Selection of aspiring actors and getting them jobs depend upon their excellence in their auditions. The number of auditions doesn’t matter but the quality of the aspiring actors performing in front of the casting directors. In this way, moving to Mumbai is not necessary for aspiring actors to give their online auditions while can give their auditions through and effectively.




This association believes in working out all the weaknesses which resulted in bringing out the best in the youths so that they can perform well in front of the audience whether it be in films, movies, television, or television Many peers who cannot go directly to Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. The Struggler is a platform where any youth can receive information online as this platform leads the youths to get proper guidance through known actors, casting directors and producers. It has offered two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through the online acting course, any youth can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and gets feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors which leads them to prepare themselves much more efficiently.


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Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar