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Shaktimaan Institute of Training


Shaktiman Institute Of Training

Shaktiman Institute of   Training is owned by the most popular film and tv actor Mukesh Khanna and was established in Mumbai. This acting school is situated in Andheri West, Mumbai. The Shaktiman Institute of Acting is being managed by many co-partners- Anil Kumar Aryan, Rahul Mishra, Manmeet Grewal, Suraj Roy, and Ravi Kumar. The principle of establishing this acting school is to train and polish the crafts of creative minds which will help them to pursue their dream career in acting. The Shaktiman Institute of Training is being designed by Mukesh Khanna himself who has insulated his learnings over the vast experiences he carries himself in the past 39 years of his work. He has worked in many films and was famous for his role as “Shaktiman” and also the historical role that he played as a Bhisma in Mahabharata. The Shaktiman Institute of Acting has earned much reputation over the past years with the dedication and determination they have to train young minds. Mukesh Khanna comes to the acting school to teach and guide the students on how to face the city of Mumbai, and if they meet the directors and producers personal, then how they will be able to interact with them as being bold and confident. As a result, this was his intention to open The Shaktiman Institute of Acting in Mumbai so that peers from all over the world could come and join them to gather vast guidance and knowledge from them so that they can pursue their dream careers in Mumbai.

The Shaktiman Institute of Training has youth 4 kinds of courses which includes the following-:


1.       Duration- 2 months

2.       Fees:48,000/-

3.       Classes: Monday to Friday

4.       No Free Dance and Free Portfolio

1 Special Class (every month) by Mukesh Khanna will be provided

5.1 Guest lecture(every month) by popular and known film actors

6. There will be proper guidance whenever needed with daily audition update



1.       Duration: 4 months

2.       Fees:1,20,000/-

3.       Classes Monday to Friday

4.       Free Dance classes, Portfolio

5.       2-3 Special classes (every month) by Mukesh Khanna will be provided

6.       1-2 Guest lectures (every month) by famous and popular actors will be provided

7.       100% placement in serials is guaranteed


1.       Duration-4 months

2.       Fees-45,000/-

3.       Classes- Only on weekends(Saturday and Sunday)

4.       No dance and portfolio

5.       1 special class(every month) by Mukesh Khanna will be provided

6.       Guest lectures will be provided by popularly known actors

7.       Proper guidance will be there with daily audition updates

Apart from this, The Shaktiman Institute of Acting will be helpful for the youth to learn about diction, action, voice culture, and body movements. Also, they will be able to learn how to work on imagination, creativity, and observation during any acting scenes. With all these benefits of learning, the youth will also be able to learn how to crack the auditions and how to develop their skills and talent to ace their field of career in acting.



To start the day full of positivity, youth must embrace their life with spirituality at first. They must learn how to meditate and remain calm amidst all the odds happening around them. Chanting and meditating help every individual to fill inner beauty in themselves and hence helps them to achieve every goal in their life. Working on their voice so that it comes out loud and clear is a must. An exercise such as dog barking helps to remove any toxicity from your voice. For making your body free, youth must walk from left-right and right-left as it will help to make you stay fit and healthy. Make a video of your monologue so that you can improve your skills and performance. Improvisation of every youth’s 9 moods of acting is mandatory so every youth must practice these moods of acting very prominently.



 Many peers who cannot go directly to Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. The Struggler is a platform where any youth can receive information online as this platform leads the youths to get proper guidance through known actors, casting directors and producers. It has offered two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through the online acting course, any youth can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and get feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors, leading them to prepare themselves much more efficiently.





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Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar