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Parichay Theatre Association




Parichay Theatre Association which is also named a Film and Television Institution is those youths who learn and develop their skills in this association work in both films and television. It is located in Mazda, Mumbai and it was founded in 1988 under the Bombay Public Trusts Act it is owned by Shakeel Sayani. This association helps young peers to inculcate the skills and develop their talents to pursue their dream careers in acting.


·         6-month courses

·         1-year courses

This association teaches diction, theatre acting, and exercise and will help them become camera friendly. They will also take classes on how they can crack auditions. Shakeel Sayani, himself along with other known actors, casting directors, and producers will help the youth to grow themselves.


·         6 monthly course includes fees of RS 60,000 which can be in installments too

·         1-year course includes fees of Rs 10,00,00 which also can be in installments too


·         12-30PM-3 PM

·         3 PM-6 PM

Any youth will not require to show his/her mark sheets of their bachelor's or masters. They will be selected based on their talents, skills, and performance during the live auditions.


Any youth interested in joining this association can contact them directly in their list of below-given information-:

·         Mobile number-9892978882

·         Address-D1-98, Hardik Society, Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute Lane, Opp.-LFS Building, S.V.P Nagar, Old Mahda,4 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai-400053




Doing theatre before giving the auditions in Mumbai generally helps the youths to gain more knowledge about acting. Theatre acting also helps the youth to develop confidence in themselves to achieve much more heights of success in their lives. Let’s have an outlook on how theatre is so important and how to face the camera confidently-:

·         Gaining knowledge for any acting course makes the youth more confident to face the camera.

·         Theatres are helpful as the youth needs to perform in front of many audiences which makes them confident to face the camera.

·         Developing skills and improvisation of every youth’s talent helps to make them face the camera confidently.

·         Being energetic and positive towards every role also helps the youth to be confident in front of the camera.

·         The more youth will practice their performances and their roles, the more they will be able to face the camera confidently.



·         Expressions-: In Theatre acting, one cannot zoom out on their performances and watch them rectify their mistakes or help express their emotions by entertaining with them. On the other hand, in camera acting, one can watch out to see their performances repeatedly on-screen and rectify or express their emotions.

·         Takes-: In Theatre acting, youths get only one take to act their role out and impress the audience with their outstanding performances. But on the other hand, in camera acting, every youth gets multiple takes if not acted perfectly. They get several chances to make their performance more sophisticated.

·         Stamina-: In Theatre acting, every youth needs incredible stamina to perform on bigger shows and to be a successful stage actor. Performing one or two shows per day, multiple nights per week, and having to bring out their best during each show is something worthwhile. In camera acting, cameras also do have a life span so if any youth are on a set to work for big films, they must have to work for 14-16 hours, days or even weeks at a time.


This association believes in working out all the weaknesses which resulted in bringing out the best in the youths so that they can perform well in front of the audience whether it be films, movies, televisions, or theatres. Many peers who cannot go directly to Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. The Struggler is a platform where any youth can give their auditions online as this platform leads the youths to get proper guidance through known actors, casting directors and producers. It has offered two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through the online acting course, any youth can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and gets feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors which leads them to prepare themselves much more efficiently.

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Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar