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Madam Sir TV Serial Casting Process



The production house of Jay Mehta is named Jay Mehta casting company and it is owned by Jay Mehta in the year 2013. Jay Mehta casting company is located in Mumbai. Notable films like Muskurahat, Ziddi, etc were the lead roles played by him. Jay Mehta's casting company also engages with comedy TV Serials such as Madam Sir which gets broadcasted on Sony Sab.






  • Jay Mehta acting institute is located in Andheri West, Mumbai.
  • The casting director of Jay Mehta Productions is Dhananjay Pandey.
  • Youths can share their profile at Jay Mehta acting institute at email-id
  • Youths can also follow the profile of Jay Mehta acting institute on Instagram where they get various updates related to auditions and shows.
  • Interested peers can send their portfolios to the casting directors.






The Jay Mehta acting institute has provided a huge

impact on the youth to improve and develop their talents and skills. Let's look forward to the audition process. 


  • Like every production house, the Jay Mehta acting institute process happens to continue in the Andheri West where the introduction of the youths takes place between 11 am- 12 noon (Monday – Friday).
  • All youths interested in joining the Jay Mehta acting institute are cordially welcomed for the introduction part.
  • In the profile, every youth must share his/her name, age/height, location, experiences, monologue, etc for higher chances of getting selected.
  • If any youth gets selected in the look test, he/she will receive a script for the auditions after a month.
  • Youths are interested in directly introducing themselves or preparing for auditions directly by mailing their portfolios to
  • Peers are requested to send their portfolios once they visit Andheri West, Mumbai.


Every youth moves to Mumbai and gives their auditions by visiting various casting directors and their production houses. Youths tend to get worried about how and when they will be getting their work in Bollywood. Youths have to keep patience as the process of giving auditions and getting selected for any particular role takes time. But how does an aspiring actor become a tv serial actor/stress? Let’s have an outlook on how aspiring actors can able to become tv serial actors/actresses.


·         Engage in school-level activities-: Youth must start their endeavors by participating in school theatre and film-making activities. This helps the youths to get prepared for the future auditions they will have to give in front of the casting directors.

·         Personal grooming-: Youths interested in becoming a tv serial actor/actress must be well-groomed. They must know how to be well-mannered and have a confident outlook toward others.

·         Good Looking-: Every Tv serial actor/actress must be good-looking. Youths must be aware of this before giving any auditions for serials.

·         Find small roles and work as an extra-: When aspiring actors start their career in acting, they must take up small roles in commercials, short films, and feature films. These small opportunities will lead the aspiring actors to collectively build their confidence and experience in acting and also these small acting assignments will help them to provide them a source of income to sustain their practice till they get established.



·         If any youth has good looks then he/she can able to give audition for lead roles as good looks highly matter for lead roles.

·         Not having enough good looks but having much more knowledge and talent for acting also ensures the youths of giving auditions for lead roles.

·         For becoming a lead role, youth must visit the production houses, producers, and directors.

·         Auditions for lead roles take place in Aram Nagar and Andheri in Mumbai where youths must visit their production houses and give their respective auditions. 


Selection of aspiring actors and getting them jobs depend upon their excellence in their auditions. The number of auditions doesn’t matters but what matters is the quality of the aspiring actors performing in front of the casting directors. In this way, moving to Mumbai is not necessary for aspiring actors to give their online auditions they can give their auditions easily and effectively.




 Many peers who cannot go directly to Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. The Struggler is a platform where any youth can receive information online as this platform leads the youths to get proper guidance through known actors, casting directors and producers. It has offered two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through the online acting course, any youth can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and get feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors, leading them to prepare themselves much more efficiently.





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Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar