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How to give open introduction in Aram Nagar?



Giving a self-introduction and preparing it soulfully is a must. Self -introduction of every youth is a very vital part as it depicts the overall impression of the youth. Every youth must know how to prepare and deliver their self-introduction in front of the casting directors or the production house.




·         Having a positive attitude and carrying good confidence is worthy of pleasing any casting director. A positive attitude brings a drastic change in every youth to show how much confident you are to be able to showcase your talent and skills in front of everyone.

·         Answering all their questions politely regarding yourself is mandatory.

·         Showing your right and left profile is also very vital.

·         the First impression of delivering your self-introduction without being fearful is what matters the most.

·         Being well-dressed plays a major role during the self-introduction part.

·         Carrying a good portfolio of yourself is necessary as it creates a good impression in front of the casting directors.




·         Every youth must look perfect for an audition and should present themselves to appear for an audition. Sometimes for an audition, a peer must wear formal clothes and for other timing, some may dress up and give the auditions in casual clothes.

·         Every peer must carry a personal bag of their own which should consist of casual clothes, formal clothes, and a kurta. They should also carry two pairs of shoes- one of which must be casual and the other formal. For female youths too, every female must carry a formal dress and a casual dress with them and the same goes with their shoes.

·         In some cases, the casting companies give their costumes for the auditions so at that moment there is no necessity of carrying their dresses by themselves.

·         Please do silent on your phone at the time of auditions. The casting director may not entertain this at any cost.

·         Confidence and positivity bring utmost success in one’s life so one should always keep smiling during the audition process.

·         Making friends during the auditions process can be helpful for you and for them too.

·         Carrying a pocket perfume, tissues and water is much more important to showcase long-lasting impact in front of the casting director.




Casting Bay is a popular and renowned casting institute which is owned by Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja and it was started in the year 2011. Both the partners Abhishek and Anmol have cast films and web series like The Dirty Picture, No One Killed Jessica, Knock Out, etc. Casting Bay institute was established to offer chances to new talents and to let them grow in their acting career. Casting Bay has also collaborated with TVF and TSP channels on Youtube to win the hearts of the audience.







  • The casting director of Casting Bay institute are Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja.
  • Casting Bay production house is located in Andheri West, Part 1, and Part 2. They have officially two branches the institute.
  • Youths can share their profile at casting bay email-id, and
  • Youths can also follow this institute’s team members named Gautam Kishan Chandani and Ankit Bisht on Instagram.
  • Interested peers can send their portfolios to the casting directors.






The Casting Bay audition process has greatly impacted on the youth to improve and develop their talents and skills. Let's look forward to the audition process. 


  • Like every production house, the Casting Bay audition process happens to continue in the Part 1 branch where the introduction of the youths takes place between 11 am- 12 noon (Monday – Friday).
  • All youths interested in joining Casting Bay institute are cordially welcomed for the introduction part.
  • If any youth gets selected in the look test, he/she will receive a script for the auditions in the Part 2 branch.
  • Youths are interested in directly introducing themselves or preparing for auditions directly by mailing their portfolios to, and
  • Peers are requested to send their portfolios once they visit Mumbai.


Many peers who cannot go directly to Mumbai and give their auditions can give their auditions online mode. The Struggler is a platform where any youth can receive information online as this platform leads the youths to get proper guidance through known actors, casting directors and producers. It has offered two forms of courses which includes an online acting course and online audition updates. Through the online acting course, any youth can learn various forms of acting, crack live auditions, and get feedback from the casting directors quite easily and effectively whereas online audition updates include daily audition updates from the casting directors, leading them to prepare themselves much more efficiently.


For more information, feel free to visit our website

Blog writer- Ms Nandita Dhar