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Audition Technique : How to audition like a pro


What exactly do we mean by "audition tips & tricks"? We refer to the little details. things that you might not have considered. However, there is a distinction.

We've attended countless auditions over the years. And we've missed each and every time. However, each time we discovered something new. Follow our recommendations to shorten your learning curve by a few years.

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How to audition like a pro

1. The Arrival

First advice for interviews: Pack something to do. Read a book or something that requires your complete focus.

You ask, why? Because you're frequently confined to a room with other performers who, like you, are there to audition. One of them will strike up a dialogue. Either they want to make you nervous or they are nervous.

We're all for networking with other actors, listen up. It's a fantastic approach to obtain employment. But remain quiet and concentrated throughout an audition.

Additionally, reading will keep you from pacing the corridors while delivering your lines. Avoid doing that as well. It will simply make you more tense.

2. How to Remember

Do you know how to memorize your lines, to speak of them? One of the best audition advice we can give is that you should be able to recite your lines even when unconscious.

3. Initial impressions

A helpful audition tip is to enter the room with confidence. Within seconds of meeting someone, the human brain has already made approximately 27 judgments about them. These evaluations are made in light of your posture, body language, voice tone, breathing pattern, and other factors.

Everything you do after making a poor first impression is influenced by that impression. referred to as a cognitive filter. They will perceive your smile as nervousness and fear.

If you want to make a good first impression, smile so that people will perceive you as confident and at ease.

Why is this crucial? Considering that performing is a business. And people conduct business with those they like, trust, and are familiar with.

4. The Judges

The ruling class. People who work behind a desk in the dark while smoking, drinking coffee, and taking notes while eating sandwiches. Ignoring you the entire time.

Actors frequently believe they are under when they enter a room. I now enter with the complete opposite impression. I have two minutes to control them. I can get them to yawn, laugh, or even cry. I'll be having fun no matter what.

Be careful not to elevate the auditors. Just as you are there to do your job, they are there to do theirs. You two are equals. They are purchasing what you are selling. If you show them respect and consideration, they will return the favor.

However, avoid enquiring about their identities. Introductions take up valuable time that could be spent practicing your acting skills.

Moreover, avoid using them in your speech. (Except they inquire.) Instead of participating, they are there to watch and assess.

5. The Space and the Room

Actors can appear for auditions anywhere. You name it: living rooms, kitchens, rooftops. But usually, it takes place in a theatre or a studio.

Wherever it is, there is typically a taped-on X on the floor. Locate it, then go stand there. A mark is what that is. (An X appears where.)

Why? as being too close makes the auditors restless (At college, we had a professor who would fling a pen at you if you approached the table too closely.)

However, don't remain fixed on that X. Keep in mind that you have the room for two full minutes. Therefore, feel free to walk about.

6. The Time Span

You get two minutes to start your song or prepare a monologue from the first line. And two minutes are sufficient. 

Reduce the length of your song or monologue out of consideration for everyone's time. Use a timer throughout practice to time how long it is. You won't be hurried when you arrive at the audition.

And don't take it personally if they cut you off. They are renting by the hour, not because you are awful.

7. Eye Contact

Actors enjoy admiring. especially during interviews. They believe it helps them appear intensely focused on their scene partner. The final product resembles someone who might be a little bit insane. Who would want to work for that?

It took us years to compile these simple audition advice and tricks. They have the power to make or ruin an audition. If you do, you'll be miles ahead of the competition and a lot nearer to realizing your dream of being an actor.

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