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Everything you should know about the sides in acting


Whether you're learning to act or are a seasoned pro, you'll frequently hear someone say sides. You won't be surprised because sides are an important element of the audition process. You can't accomplish anything in an audition or when seeking for an acting part if you don't have sides. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about and around sides in online acting courses.

What are the sides to acting?

Sides refer to a section of a screenplay that an actor must perform at an audition. Because an actor just has one part of it, it is a conventional business word instead of scenes. However, you must go above and beyond the part's stated requirements to please the casting director.

What are audition sides?

Talking about sides refers to a specific segment or piece of a screenplay given to an actor for an audition. This could be the entire scene or just a small portion of it. It may be more than a part/section that an actor must master based on a project.

Sides can be related to another screenplay or the one written for the audition at hand. If they are taken from a project that is being or will be cast. It occurs while a screenplay is being revised, a script requires improvisation, the project is confidential, or the script is being written. Sides are an important element of any audition, whether it's for television, theatre, film, or commercials.

How Long Are Audition Sides?

Sides are normally a few pages long, although they might be longer. Because they're frequently taken from a screenplay, they have the appearance of a script. If it's an on-camera effort, this may be a screenplay; if it's a theatrical performance, it could be a play.

Examples of audition sides

Audition sides appear to be scripted because they were extracted from scripts. An on-camera production, a screenplay, or a theatrical play are all possibilities. They are available in a range of sizes and lengths. They are, however, at least a few pages long. On the internet, you can find tons of real-life audition examples. The following are some examples:

  • No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy released in 2011.
  • From the NBC series, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

The right place and to get sides for an audition 

If you have an agency manager, you will have sides before one or two days of a TV and film audition. Furthermore, if you are on an open call, you can acquire it from a production studio where you will apply for an acting role.

If you're auditioning for a role in a theatrical play or a commercial, you'll be given your sides at the acting audition.

3 Acting Tips for Audition Sides on How to Rehearse Sides

Professional actors are given sides, or sections of a scene, rather than the complete script, at auditions. Here are some acting techniques to help you practice your sides:

Ask a few questions

Before an audition, performers should always ask questions regarding their character's conduct, regardless of which side of the issue they support. Inquire as to why the character in the scene thinks or acts the way they do and make sure you grasp their character arc. In all stages of your acting career, it's a good idea to inquire about the character's motive.

Bring your sides with you

Even if you know your lines by heart, casting directors advise that you bring them to the audition.

Keep track of the page numbers

Unless it's a scene written particularly for the audition, most sides provide the scene's page number in the script. Noting where the scene occurs in the overall screenplay provides useful information about the character's path.

Is it necessary for actors to memorize sides?

Whether or not actors should memorize sides before an audition is a point of contention in the industry. Many experts encourage performers to audition "off-book," which means they do so without using their hands to hold the sides in their hands. 

Others say that sides are more of a benefit than a barrier because they serve to prevent lines from being forgotten. Memorization is always an excellent strategy, but don't forget to bring your sides with you and refer to them if necessary.

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