The Struggle is an Online platform that provides online acting classes for tomorrow's actors, stage managers, and performers. Our world-class facilities draw the smartest and brightest students. Our online acting classes are ideal for all ages, whether they are just getting started with acting or have a lot of experience and want to improve.

We've compiled a list of casting calls for female and male models in a variety of acting auditions through online audition updates. If you meet the qualifications for any of the auditions, apply for one by filling out the form and receiving the audition updates.

The Acting school is an exciting place to learn with a unique, energetic atmosphere that inspires and brings acting talent together. Our programs prepare students to handle the challenges of today's fast-paced creative economy.

We are fortunate to have a team of excellent employees who work closely with industry and are committed to helping our students succeed and find work. They develop in our students the confidence and abilities to believe in themselves and achieve their objectives.


Our mission is to cultivate artists and scholars with a lifetime enthusiasm for the arts via the growing, live, collaborative art of theatre. Moreover, to transfer the acting industry from offline to online. As The Struggler provides online audition updates, online drama classes.

The Struggler acting school cultivates imaginative and brave artists and scholars who will be tomorrow's creative leaders.

The Struggler mission is to prepare acting students for successful careers in the entertainment industry, including theatre, film, television, and media. By guiding them through a professional and personal development process that will transform them into highly skilled performers who will contribute original, creative, and effective voices to the industry.

We provide a safe training environment that is aesthetically exciting, collaborative, and growth-oriented. Our acting classes blend the benefits of classical training with the dynamism and inventiveness of modern practice. Our theatrical programs' structure and content promote a clear learning process for our students, inspiring confidence, provoking curiosity, and unleashing creativity.


The Struggler School of Drama seeks to cultivate a community of highly skilled artists, scholars, and citizens who are engaged with the world and invested in theatrical storytelling in all its forms.

The struggle deliberately recruits diverse talent from historically marginalised populations, equipping them with the skills and training they need to impact change in our industry.

The struggle in Acting program's vision is to provide each actor-student with a complete, nationally competitive education and training in the craft and discipline of acting, preparing them to achieve both creative and professional greatness in the field.

  • Creative - To teach and develop each actor-acting student's talents and creative talent such that, they are able to I conceive, embody, and play a character from any period of dramatic literature in any performance medium, combining vocal, physical, textual, and imaginative resources.

  • Corporeal - To instil in each student-body actor the essential strength, stamina, flexibility, and vitality so that, at graduation, they have the vocal, physical, emotional, psychological, and mental resources to survive the demands of a professional acting career.

  • Collaborative.- To provide the actor-student with the experience working in an ensemble so that they will be able to collaborate and produce in any professional performance situation.